House Rules

1- Members must have membership card on their person while on club property.  

2- Property willfully broken or damaged by a person must be paid by the member or sponsor, the amount thereof to be determined by the Board of Directors.  

3- Members using club property shall be responsible for same, and shall leave all equipment in an orderly manner.  

4- Members having guest at the club shall be responsible of their acts.  Also, debts and damage incurred.

5- Guest is not allowed on premises unless accompanied by a member and registered by sponsor.  No guest may remain on the premises unless accompanied by a sponsor.  Sponsors are urged to use their discretion in the number of guest invited at one time.  Any male guest registered three times must apply for membership or no longer allowed.  

6- Members at all time must conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit to the club. Violations of law, fighting, loud profane language, will not be tolerated.    

7- In compliance with the Washington County Liquor Laws it is illegal to purchase alcoholic beverages 30 minutes after posted closing time.  

8- All members and guest must be out of the clubhouse by posted closing times.  

9- No pets shall be allowed in the clubhouse, except Seeing Eye dogs under control of their owners.  

10- All Garbage shall be placed in proper receptacles and not thrown in the ground.  

11- All members shall be in constant control of their children’s activities while on club premises and adults must accompany children. You must be at least 21 years old to sit at the bar.  

12- Children must be seated at all times while in the club except for special children functions.  

13- No one under 21 years of age is allowed to join, drink or gamble at the South Mountain Rod & Gun Club.  

14- Any member or members guest violating any of the above rules shall be subject to disciplinary action as provided by the Board of Directors of the South Mountain Rod & Gun Club.


Adopted by the membership of the club, May 17, 1985

Effective Jan. 1, 2004. These by-laws revised Feb. 2010 supersedes all other copies


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For the purpose of these rules, the phrase club property shall mean any property owned or leased by the club. Any infraction of these rules and regulations could deem the individual an undesirable member to be dealt with according to Article VIII Section III of the By-Laws.

1-  Hunting licenses must be displayed in accordance with state game law.
2- Club I.D. must be displayed on front of hat or on chest area on the outer garment (visible to another person) and club membership card must be on person.
3- All State Game Laws must be obeyed. Club reserves the right to implement rules more stringent than the State Game Laws.
4- Vehicle I.D. must be displayed on dash or windshield of vehicle so that it is easily visible.
5- Five dollar charge to be assessed for each set of identification
6- Park in designated area only.
7- No driving on club property, except for the purpose of work details.  This includes all motorized vehicles.
8- The construction or use of any permanent tree stand or blind is prohibited.  However, temporary stands and blinds that do not use nails or screws and will not damage trees may be used, provided they are removed daily. Club will not be responsible for any personal property, Blinds, Cameras, etc.
9- Cables that are installed at access roads and trails shall only be opened for fires or emergencies and work details.  Exception being the parking lot entrance.
10-All deer hunting regulations coincide with DNR rules in your hunting guide. Does are allowed to be killed according to Maryland state laws and regulations.
11- Members are allowed to take their spouse, children or grandchildren under 21 years of age hunting on club property during hunting season except for the first week of deer firearms season.  Provided they buy a $25.00 I.D. card for their guest with guests name along with the members name and club number.  Limit one guest per member.
12- Club property is to be left as natural as possible and there shall be no blazing of trails or shooting lanes.  Also, no target shooting.
13- No littering on club property. Take your trash with you.
14- Members are reminded that club property is for the members use and that it is their duty to challenge all persons not displaying club I.D. or parking permit.  Challenged individuals must do so or immediately leave the premises.
15- No camping allowed on club property except in designated areas. Camping will be allowed in the Parking Area at Flintstone until a camping area is designated.


By Direction of the Board of Directors
Revised February, 2010