MONDAY NIGHT EARLY BIRD; Every Monday night early bird starts at 6:30 regular bingo starts at 7:00
Early bird $5.00 per card 5 games
Regular bingo $20.00 for 29 games plus winner take all $1.00 per sheet for 30 games total

CHILDREN'S PARTIES; All tickets for children's parties are $5.00 per ticket. Children under 10 will have their money refunded at the door the day of the event. All others' money will not be refunded. If you do not attend no money will be refunded. All attending must purchase a ticket to attend events.

REMINDER: Dues are payable from July 1st through Sept. 30th



1- MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - Stag Feed Tickets on Sale

3- Ladies Aux. Meeting 7:00pm

10- Board Meeting 7:00pm

13- Ladies Aux. Crab Feed & Dance

17- Membership Meeting 7:00pm

20- Club Appreciation Party - Club Closes at 5:00pm to Non-Ticket Holders

23- Hunters Safety Course 6:00-9:00pm

24- Hunters Safety Course 6:00-9:00pm

25- Hunters Safety Course 6:00-9:00pm


7- Ladies Aux. Meeting 7:00pm

13- Board Meeting 7:00pm

17- Ladies Day Out

24- Stag Feed


2- Bingo Tickets on Sale

4- Ladies Aux. Meeting 7:00pm

11- Board Meeting 7:00pm

14- Gun Bonanza

18- Membership Meeting & Nomination of Officers

27- Meat Night

29- 12 Ga. Shoot, Sign at Noon